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The Mental Gym

Proactive Wellness 

moving your people from Good To Great

Just like we have exercise for our bodies, The Mental Gym is for your mind. It's a place to get mentally fit. We're not therapy or reactive care, we're the modern, proactive well-being choice your people deserve so they can live their best lives at work and at home.

People are ready to thrive they need a solution designed for them

The Mental Gym combines modern, proactive wellness with personal and leadership development, performance, and authentic connection. Trainer-led group classes help organizations and their people become their best selves, together - preventing burnout, growing personally and professionally, connecting inclusive teams, and showing up at their best where it matters most.

The energy is great. The topics are relatable. It's honest and safe with no judgment. Your people will love the workouts and love how they change their lives. 

Your people are burning out even in the best places to work

Mentally Fit People


Mental Wellness Scale

We’ve found even the best places to work, just like your company, have leaders, hidden and emerging leaders, high-potential employees, and high-performers who want to live their best lives at work and at home, but they're burning out - not fully burnt out yet, but they're burning. It's costing businesses lost productivity, engagement, time off, and turnover. It's costing your people their best lives. 

We help them thrive and live their best lives 
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Improve retention ​and recruitment

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Build engaged, inclusive, connected cultures

​Boost productivity and your bottom line

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Real results for you and your people here's what happens in just 12 weeks

Burning out

Team connection

Quality of life

Happiness, fulfillment


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Improvements represent the average individual self-reported before-and-after results as participants who completed the Level 1 Mental Gym workout program: The Personal Wellness Transformation  

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James McBean - COO, Northwest Protection Services

We’ve done more in the first 3 weeks of January than in the first 3 months of last year! The way we’re all working together, how we’re on the same page, I haven’t seen this before.

(Personally) I used to get triggered, stressed, and overwhelmed – now I feel calm and in control. I feel like I’m taking control of my entire life, something I’ve never felt before.

I’m just more comfortable in my own skin and with myself as a leader, not just as a manager. I’m becoming the person that deep down I always believed I could be. It’s hard to explain how much that means to me.


Victoria Marten Evans - Senior Marketing Manager, Nestle 

I was already interested in self-improvement and bettering myself, but the problem was – all theory, no practice...

Working on yourself with the support of others in fantastic.


I constantly want to improve and The Mental Gym is the best way to make it happen... I really love it.

Mark Reisler headshot_edited.jpg

Mark Reisler - Senior Director of Product, Pivotree 

I’ve tried executive coaching and therapy before, but nothing has impacted my life like The Mental Gym...

Now I feel more energized, engaged, and productive. My performance at work has never been better. My relationships are deeper. I’m more present as a husband and father... Even though I’ve got a lot on my plate, I feel less stressed. Instead I’m calm and focused, and in control of my emotions.

People want to live their best lives but they don't know how

We've discovered a pattern. Your people want to show up and perform at their best. They want to feel connected, happy, and fulfilled. They want to grow personally and professionally as better partners, parents, teammates, and leaders who matter and make everyone around them better.


On a scale from 1-10, it's not about 6 or 7, they want to live their 10. We show them how.    

This is The Mental Gym
how we move people from Good to Great
Trainer led group workouts are live online

Step out of the boardroom and into The Gym with your team and Mental Gym trainer, supporting your people in becoming their best selves. The energy is fantastic in an honest, safe space with no judgment. Live online sessions are one hour, perfect for remote and hybrid teams.

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We challenge your mind

A new, relatable topic every workout upgrades how your people think, make decisions, and behave at a fundamental level. Challenge your mind, engage in meaningful conversation with like-minded people, gain new perspectives, and grow.

Building the essential tools

Our scientific approach breaks down transformative concepts into simple, easy to understand and integrate parts, helping your people build the essential and practical tools, skills, habits, and mindset they need to show up at their best.

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With consistency, accountability, community

Small, manageable improvements compound into big results helping your people live their best lives at work and at home. We’re in it together because real change requires consistent growth, practice, and support.

And real connection

Real talk and real people create genuine trust and respect for each other as human beings. There’s no labels or titles in The Gym because it’s not about our differences, it’s about what makes us the same.

Mental Gym Workout Programs
3 levels getting and keeping your people mentally fit 

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Level 1

The Personal Wellness Transformation

3 months - 12 group sessions

Level 2

The Personal Greatness Project

3 months - 12 group sessions

Level 3

Live Your 10

3 months - 12 group sessions

  • Workouts are one hour, optimized for groups of up to 25 people / session

  • Seamless integration into your organization - join as a group(s) or individuals can join a group with people from other companies

Over 80% of people who continue past the first month go from burning out to thriving at work and at home

Single session team workouts

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Resilience Essentials

Life isn’t easy, let’s thrive anyway - learn the must-have tools for navigating life’s lows to create even higher highs

Web Pic 17.jpg

Striving for Success

Perform at your best with the new equation for living a happy, healthy life in a non-stop, quickly changing world 

Web Pic 18.jpg

Digital Addiction

How to stay present and reduce anxiety by taking control of your time and your mind

Web Pic 15.jpg

Mindset is Everything

Succeed in any situation and prevail in the end by building grit with a growth mindset

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Your mentally fit people will live their best lives at work and at home when they prevent burnout, grow as people, feel connected, and move from good to great

Mentally Fit People


Mental Wellness Scale

Experience it for yourself

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