Travis Rycroft

Head Coach, Voyageurs Bantam 'AAA' Hockey

"Phenomenal. It was awesome.

You’re always thinking, I’m good - but am I good? Because there’s always more. Even though I’m at a good spot in my life with teaching and hockey, there’s always that next step – and what is that next step? You really had me thinking, but it was all a positive thing. I really enjoyed that, I loved it.

Even when I played (hockey) I used to have a short fuse, but at least I was able to release that aggression (on the ice). I used to have quite a short fuse with these kids too. Now you’ve made me think before my actions take over. There’s a step in between. It’s helped me find balance.

It’s been good for me as a coach, as a person, and for these kids. They’re responding way better – they were gripping their sticks too tight but they’re not afraid to make a mistake now, and they’re better players because of it. Better teaching points on my end and better response from the kids.

The biggest thing as a whole is their overall creativity. That’s allowed to shine now – and that’s great, I want that. Then with creativity comes confidence, and that just builds on itself. Starts with one individual, then snowballs into the next, now they have this synergy they’ve never had before. The end product is fun to watch and when it all comes together it’s awesome.

The moral curve in a year is crazy. You’ve got cliques on teams. You’ve got such highs and lows, and wins and losses are just a fraction of it. And you were able to balance that.

It’s not the old cliché of team building – this is real stuff – it’s real life stuff. Now when they look to the guy to the right and to the left they think, I will go into war with you. I’ll lay down right now and I’ll block that puck with my face.

It’s tougher and tougher to find good character people – it’s hard because you can’t change everybody, but you really can set the example, and if you’re doing the right things, sometimes that’s all it takes for people to follow you. And even those people who were making fun of you or giving you a hard time, they start to do the right things too.

And you’re so authentic, and if it wasn’t for that, the delivery wouldn’t have been where it was and I wouldn’t think how I think. I would have been like, I’m not really feeling it. But you got to me – you got me to think at that level – that’s not easy to do, and that was awesome.

It’s not even close to what you get in school. If you look at the curriculum and put what you do in place of a geography or history lesson, how much more would they take away from that? In terms of getting to know yourself and asking yourself those tough questions – the questions that you want to ask yourself but maybe you’re afraid to - it doesn’t happen, does it? Just think about how important this is to bring forward in your life. And with teen suicide, getting to know yourself, how much this could help stabilize these young kids. It’s a big issue right now and this is a big confidence builder, it’s getting to know yourself.

I think there’s a big need, absolutely. How could there not be a need for this? It’s so important. It’s so important trying to think the right way and live the right way. It’s crucial. I could go on and on but it’s so important.

As a coach, I’m looking out for 19 kids every day. The better I can feel about myself, the more secure I am, the more I’m able to help these kids and really listen to what they need.

For players, I think it’s crucial. Anytime you can talk like that – in a good, safe environment, and get stuff off your chest, it’s so healthy. Because if you never face this stuff, you get to a breaking point and that’s when it becomes a little bit scary. I’m a big believer in what you do – I’m a big advocate. I think it’s awesome.

100% - it’s a win-win. Just talking about it I feel like I want to go run a mile now! 100% do it, without question, without hesitation, do it."

Al Raymond

Canadian International Hockey Academy Player Development Coordinator / Head Coach, Voyagers Midget 'AAA'

"I found (The PGP) very interesting. There were a lot things that I learned of which I didn't know before. I particularly liked the part on the importance of communication, with the younger generation, and how to approach people to communicate effectively. It was informative to learn not only how to approach someone, but also what to say in order to connect.

I have been applying your teachings, with my team since the presentation. I would definitely recommend your (program), especially to anyone working with youth. Thank you for taking the time, to visit us, as I know that many of the players took a lot from it."

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