One hour, once a week, just for you

Life's busy. You're busy. This is your one hour, once a week to step away from work, family, and regular life to work on yourself and grow from good to great.

Work on yourself without judgment, and become who you want to be

The Mental Gym is a place for awesome, like-minded people to connect, train together, grow together, and become the best versions of themselves without fear or judgment.

Together, we work on a new habit and/or tool every week, helping you get a little better every day.


We help you show up for yourself by keeping you consistent and holding you accountable

It's hard holding yourself accountable. If you've ever been excited to do something great for yourself and lost momentum after a few weeks, you understand.

Growth requires consistency and accountability. At The Mental Gym, we give you both.  


"The support of this community and the thought exercises that come from The Mental Gym are propelling me to live the life I've always wanted - one without limits on who I can be and what I can contribute to this world."

- Alaina S.

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What We Work On

We believe the world would be a much better place if everyone had more

  •  Self-Awareness

  •  Accountability

  •  Vulnerability

  •  Optimism

  •  Purpose

  •  Grit and Growth Mindset

We call these THE ESSENTIALS.

They're The Must-Have Ingredients for Living Your 10 - the way they work together is incredible - and The Mental Gym is a place to work on Your Essentials consistently.
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