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"Something I noticed right away was how authentic and honest people are in The Gym. There’s no judgment - it’s so refreshing - and it’s such a great place to work on yourself."
- Admon Devi-Baller

One hour, once a week, just for you

Life's busy. You're busy. This is your one hour, once a week to hit the pause button on work, family, and regular life to just focus on yourself and your growth.

Work on yourself without judgment and become who you want to be

The Mental Gym is a place for like-minded people to connect, train together, grow together, and become the best versions of themselves without fear or judgment.

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Guidance, consistency, accountability, community

Real, sustainable growth requires consistency. Becoming a next-level-you takes guidance and accountability. And because it's so much harder doing that alone, we do it together. Live. With real people having real conversations that matter. 


"The support of this community and the thought exercises that come from The Mental Gym are propelling me to live the life I've always wanted - one without limits on who I can be and what I can contribute to this world."
- Alaina Szlachta

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How does it all work?
What we work on
The Must-Have Human Skills for Optimal Mental Fitness and Living Your 10 - we call them THE ESSENTIALS. 

They work together like pieces of a puzzle - and The Mental Gym is a place to work on Your Essentials consistently.
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Ready To Live Your 10?
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