​​Looking for something one-one-one?


The Personal Greatness Project's unique group mentoring program shows you who you're really capable of being and helps you grow from good to great.

We empower teens and twenty-somethings to discover who they are and what they want out of life. We mentor you as you navigate life and a quickly changing world, manage key transitions, make clear, confident decisions about your present and future, and become the greatest version of you.  

This may be the most important stuff you’ll ever learn, and you definitely won’t find it in a classroom!



You’ll be mentored by Personal Greatness founder Cory Chadwick himself. He’ll teach you game-changing skills and tools to upgrade your OOS and Live Your 10 as you realize your true potential, find the answers you’re looking for, and become the most authentic, confident, and self-empowered version of you.

We'll meet for an hour each week, over video chat (so we can work together from anywhere in the world).

We help good people be great by bridging the gap between who they are and who they’re capable of being. We invite you to experience it for yourself.


"The importance of this kind of training and mentorship is something that I can't understate... I can say for certain that this is undoubtedly the most important thing I have ever done in my life."


What we’ll work on:

  • Maximizing your strengths and future-proofing your next steps for a quickly-changing world

  • Understanding who you are, how you fit in, and where you’re headed next

  • Becoming a happier, healthier, and higher performing you in all aspects of your life

  • Developing a high-level understanding of the most crucial soft-skills (empathy, communication, problem solving, adaptability, and more) that are in high-demand in the ever-evolving workplace landscape

  • Building invaluable abilities like self-esteem, resiliency, confidence, integrity, and self-awareness


  • Increasing mental well-being while reducing stress and anxiety

  • Learning teamwork, team building, and how to lead with conviction, vulnerability, and trust

  • Taking ownership and control of your life and your circumstances

  • Emotional awareness - understanding and owning your triggers and emotions instead of being influenced by everyone else

  • Having a clear understanding of what success means to you, why it matters, and how to achieve it


  • Taking risks, failing and moving forward even stronger than before

  • Being inspired by who you are and living a life that matters

  • Finding purpose and fulfillment in your life and in everything you do 

  • Becoming an expert-level critical thinker and decision maker with our unique and proven process, so you can believe in yourself and have confidence in the choices you make both now and in the future


  • Learning to accomplish your goals with efficiency and clarity


  • Understanding who you are, what really makes you tick, and how to make every decision consistent with who you want to be (instead of who other people expect you to be)


  • Learning to navigate the ups and downs of real-life in an optimal way for you (like having a built-in customized GPS)

Try TMG for 90 days and see for yourself.

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