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Mentally Fit Leaders for Engaged, Connected Cultures and Happy, High-Performing Teams

Just like we exercise our bodies, The Mental Gym is a place to get mentally fit. It's a high-energy group workout for your mind -- combining proactive mental wellbeing, personal and leadership development, and real human connection.


Our inclusive, people-first approach connects teams like nothing else, and transforms progressive organizations with leaders who think differently, make confident decisions, feel great, and show up and perform as their authentic best selves.

People Deserve a Well-Being Solution That's for Them

​Think of well-being on a scale from 1-10. While some people are low on the scale, most people are around a 5 or 6. Traditional, reactive resources (like therapy and EAPs) don't fit with most people's wants or needs. Instead, a modern, proactive approach is needed that moves them to an 8, 9, or 10.

Some People

Most People

Mentally Fit People

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Well-Being Scale

They have a desire to show up and perform at their best, but...

68% of employees are disengaged and quiet quitting. People can't show up at their best if they're stressed, burning out, and feel disconnected. The status quo of "fine" is damaging culture, profitability, and people’s lives. The Mental Gym is a place for them them to grow as their best selves, get mentally fit, connect, and dramatically improve their lives.

This is
The Mental Gym
Work Out Together

The energy is great. The space is safe and inviting. Step out of the boardroom and into The Gym with your team and Mental Gym trainer. Live online workouts are one hour, and perfect for remote and hybrid teams.

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Think Differently

Challenge your mind, engage in meaningful conversation with like-minded people, gain new perspectives, and grow with a scientific approach in workouts you and your people will love.

New Topics Every Workout

Each of our 150 + engaging workouts brings accountability, guidance, consistency, and community. We break down big ideas into simple, easy to understand and integrate parts, creating a compounding effect of making small, manageable improvements that add up to big results.

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A Better You

Build the essential tools, practical skills, a new mindset, and every-day habits that stretch your personal potential, have you living and leading with purpose, and developing incredible relationships as you think, make decisions, feel, and perform as the best version of yourself, on your terms. 

A Connected Team

Show up for yourself and show up for each other,  developing genuine trust, belonging, and respect as people. Real talk and authentic human connection proves it’s not about our differences, it’s about what makes us the same.

James pic.jpeg

James McBean - COO, Northwest Protection Services

I’m just more comfortable in my own skin and with myself as a leader, not just as a manager...


(At work) we’ve done more in the first 3 weeks of January than in the first 3 months of last year! The way we’re all working together, how we’re on the same page, I haven’t seen this before.


Victoria Marten Evans - Senior Marketing Manager, Nestle 

I was already interested in self-improvement and bettering myself, but the problem was – all theory, no practice...


I constantly want to improve and The Mental Gym is the best way to make it happen... I really love it.

Mark Reisler headshot_edited.jpg

Mark Reisler - Senior Director of Product, Pivotree 

I’ve tried executive coaching and therapy before, but nothing has impacted my life like The Mental Gym...

Now I feel more energized, engaged, and productive. My performance at work has never been better. My relationships are deeper. I’m more present as a husband and father... Even though I’ve got a lot on my plate, I feel less stressed. Instead I’m calm and focused, and in control of my emotions.

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Thinking differently is a better way of living

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Measuring The Impact of Being Mentally Fit

Real Results for You and Your People

Engagement, Productivity

Stress, Anxiety

Feeling Happy and Fulfilled

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Emotional Awareness

Quality of Relationships, Communication

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* Improvements represent the average Mental Gym member's before and after transformations in less than 12 months

What's a Session Like in The Gym?

To appreciate the energy you feel when you're working out your mind in The Mental Gym, you've got to experience it for yourself.

Experience a Workout for Yourself, On Us!

For yourself and for your team, this could be the answer you've been looking for. But don't take our word for it, try a workout for yourself. Your first one's on us, with no obligation.


You haven't worked out like this before. We won't make you sweat, but we we will make you think.

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