​Private Mentoring for Young Business Leaders is specifically created for young business leaders who are looking to step up in both their personal and professional lives.

We know that businesses thrive under a great leader – they build great teams and cultures that create exceptional results. That’s why our one-on-one mentoring programs with Personal Greatness Project founder Cory Chadwick focuses on finding out who you're really capable of being and helps you grow from good to great.



Cory works with you to upgrade your Optimal Operating System (OOS) and Live Your 10, helping you make clear, confident decisions about you and your business’s present and future, manage key transitions, and become the greatest version of you.


We maximize your greatest strengths and identify hidden gifts you may have. We focus on developing resilience, so you fail gracefully and succeed powerfully. We focus on what success means to you, why it matters, and how to achieve it. We help you help your team members become empowered leaders and engaged workers by strengthening communication, empathy, understanding, and confidence between each other.


We do all of this and so much more so you can become the leader you’re truly capable of being, and create a happier, healthier, and higher performing culture for you and your team.

This exclusive mentoring experience is offered over video chat, so we can work together to harness your personal greatness from anywhere in the world.

"It’s crazy, I have no idea what’s going on – why am I not overwhelmed, even when I’m so busy? It’s like all work is easy work, like I have this sustainable source of motivation but I don’t feel like I need willpower. It’s like I was running on a treadmill my whole life, because I didn’t know any different, but now I’m turning that treadmill into a rocket ship..."


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"What’s so incredible to me is it’s like Cory re-wired me to want to make the right decisions for me. Tough choices became simple ones. Doing the ‘hard’ thing became easy. It’s like I’m consistently replacing my bad habits with good ones, and it’s easy to do because of my upgraded operating system.

Things I thought were impossible are becoming increasingly possible. For example, I recently secured a big contract for our company with only 3 weeks to prep for the job. Honestly, I thought I bit off more than I could chew. I personally had to manage almost 300 employees to pull it off and I didn’t know if I could handle it. I was doubting myself and thinking I made a big mistake, but Cory never stopped believing in me. He supported me through all of it and made sure I always believed in myself. We pulled off the job with flying colours – it couldn’t have gone better. I’m so proud.

Through this whole process I have learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I feel like I have been shot out of a cannon the second I wake up because I know exactly what I have to do. There is no more thinking, there is only action, but that’s because I am prepared and know exactly what I need to accomplish in advance. The more I work, the better results I get, and the more incentive I have to keep working. This positive reinforcement feedback loop has really helped me remain focused on myself.

After years of not taking care great of myself, now I eat right, sleep better, and exercise regularly. I’ve already lost 27lbs – I’ve never felt better and I just keep going. I’ve quit smoking entirely, and I don’t even crave a cigarette!

I used to get triggered, stressed, and overwhelmed – now I feel calm and in control. I just feel like I’m taking control of my entire life, something I’ve never felt before. People take me more seriously, I have so much more confidence, I just believe in myself and what I’m capable of.

I’m looking at everything as an opportunity now – every interaction to positively impact the people around me, and every problem as one I can solve. I have better relationships with my staff, my family and friends, and with my girlfriend.

At work, we’ve done more in the first 3 weeks of January than in the first 3 months of last year! The way we’re all working together, how we’re on the same page, I haven’t seen this before. Our staff is empowered to make great decisions and they’re finding their own solutions to problems.

How quickly we’re moving and how much we’re getting done is ridiculous, but we’re not rushing or panicked, we’re not frantic – we’re just working together with intention. I’m measured and deliberate in how I think, talk and act – I’m just more comfortable in my own skin and with myself as a leader, not just as a manager.

It’s crazy to think back to the person I was only six months ago. It’s like in six months you can change your life – I actually did that! I’m becoming the person that deep down I always believed I could be. It’s hard to explain how much that means to me.

You’re like a personal trainer for my brain. I didn’t think it was possible, this is f’n amazing! This is life changing sh*t! And it’s all thanks to you."

James McBean - Northwest Security Services

What we’ll work on:

  • Maximizing your strengths and future-proofing your business's next steps for a quickly-changing world

  • Understanding who you are, and where you and your business are headed next

  • Having a clear understanding of what success means to you, why it matters, and how to achieve it

  • Being happier, healthier, and higher performing in all aspects of your life

  • Becoming an expert-level critical thinker and decision maker with our unique and proven process, so you can believe in yourself and have confidence in the choices you make both now and in the future

  • Developing a high-level understanding of the most crucial soft-skills (empathy, communication, problem solving, adaptability, and more) that are in high-demand in the ever-evolving workplace landscape

  • Taking risks, failing and moving forward even stronger than before

  • Increasing mental well-being while reducing stress and anxiety

  • Learning teamwork, team building, and how to lead with conviction, vulnerability, and trust

  • Emotional awareness - understanding and owning your triggers and emotions instead of being influenced by everyone else

  • Being inspired by who you are and living a life that matters

  • Finding purpose and fulfillment in your life, your mission, and in everything you do

  • Learning to accomplish your goals with efficiency and clarity

  • Understanding who you are, what really makes you tick, and how to make every decision consistent with who you want to be and the business you want to have (instead of who other people expect you to be)

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