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Our Story: Meet Cory

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In July, 1999 I lost my mom to suicide. Soon after that, my dad began his long battle with addiction. 
People didn’t talk about mental illness then. It was a difficult and scary time for me. I couldn't stop thinking, what if it was genetic?


As a psychology major, I’d always been an ambitious, logical thinker, wanting to know how things worked so I could improve them.

So instead of crossing my fingers and hoping that somehow I’d be ok, I chose a different approach and began being proactive with my mental well-being.


It started with making small, consistent improvements in how I thought, made decisions, and behaved.

It wasn’t just about prevention though.


I wanted to become the best version of myself and live a happy, fulfilling life that impacted people and the world around me.


It was clear to me that on a scale from 1-10, I needed to Live My 10.


But that couldn’t happen if my mental health was stuck at a 5. 

If I was going to show up and perform at my best, I needed to think and feel my best.


So, I began my mission to discover and integrate the essential tools, skills, habits, and mindset needed to make it happen.


Over time, all these small, consistent improvements were adding up.


I became healthier in every way – physically, emotionally, and mentally. My energy was rising. My stress and anxiety dropped. I was busy but never felt overwhelmed or like I was burning out – instead I felt calm, present, and in control.


Thinking differently led to my business taking off. I was showing up as a leader with my team and creating a connected culture like I never had before (in a high turnover business, we retained everyone we wanted to).


I was feeling happy, fulfilled, and was consistently showing up as that person I always wanted to be.


I had developed a simple yet powerful process for anyone to think, make decisions, feel, show up, and perform as the best version of themselves. 

As I started sharing it with people, the more they experienced these results for themselves, and the more it impacted their teams and organizations, their personal lives, and their communities – the more I was driven to find the best way to share it…


Then one day, right in the middle of a CrossFit class, the lightbulb went off:

We have a place to work on our physical fitness – we go to a gym.

But where do we go to get Mentally Fit? Where do we work out our minds, connect with like-minded people, and become better versions of ourselves?


Just like we have gyms for our bodies, The Mental Gym is for your mind.


It’s not reactive care, it’s proactive well-being.


It’s a place where people are transforming themselves, their teams, and their organizations. 

The more of us who do it, the bigger the ripple effect gets, and together, we help make the world a better place. 

And if you think The Mental Gym could benefit you and your team, I’d love to share it with you too

Live Your 10,


"Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness." - Bronnie Ware

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