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Our Story: Meet Cory

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I’m Cory Chadwick – a proud husband and dad to two beautiful boys, a Mental Fitness and Mindset Coach, and the founder of The Mental Gym.

This all started for me back in high school, feeling like I wanted to realize my potential but I didn't know how. There was a version of myself I wanted to be, but I didn’t know how to get from here to there. I wanted more out of life but I didn’t know where to start, what direction to point myself in, or who to trust to show my the way.

I believed I had more to give, and I wanted to live a great, fulfilling life, but I just feel like while school teaches us to get by and be fine, where do we learn to be our best? And live our best lives? And I don’t mean someone else’s idea of best I mean your own, personal best?

Growing up, my parents split up three different times. That was hard.

When I was 16, I contracted a freak-rare brain virus that took seven months just to be diagnosed. That whole time, I didn’t know if I was going to live or die. Fortunately, doctors were able to treat it and I am here today – but that was a scary time.

Mental health and wellbeing first came on my radar twenty-five years ago. My dad began his long battle with addiction and my mom suffered from mental illness at a time when nobody really talked about it. The more she suffered, the more it crushed me feeling like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do to help her.


And on July 1st 1999, my mom took her own life. I was devastated.

I was also afraid this might be genetic and coming for me too.


Life wasn't easy, and over time I realized that might be the point. I saw how easy it could be to stay down when life throws you down, and let your circumstances define you.


But I realized that this, like anything, is a choice... and I had a choice to make.


I could either cross my fingers and hope everything worked out, or I could take a different approach, take control of my situation, and be proactive.

So, one small adjustment at a time, one little improvement at a time, I began rewiring how I thought, made decisions, and behaved. Essentially, without even recognizing it at the time, I was working on my own Mental Fitness. 

Over time, all these little adjustments were adding up, creating an incredible compounding effect.


I was seeing amazing results in my business and relationships. I was healthier than I’d ever been – mentally, emotionally, and physically. My stress and anxiety were way down, and I felt calm and in control. I was performing at my highest level – focused, productive, and engaged. I became a confident leader, making decisions with clarity, living with purpose, and bringing out the best in everyone around me.


It was still me, only better. Much better. And while I'd always been a pretty happy guy, I finally knew how to live the happy, fulfilling, best life I always wanted.

My two personal missions to take great care of my mind and also become the best version of myself – two missions that started out separately – were coming together as one.


It's like I cracked the code. I had developed a simple, powerful process for anyone to think, make decisions, feel, and perform as the best versions of themselves, in all areas of their lives.

When my sons were born I felt a sense of responsibility to try and make the world a better place for them to grow up in. And realizing I had something that could help, I started sharing it with people.

The more people I got to work with and the more impact it had on their lives, the more I was driven to find the best way to share it…


Then, in the middle of a Crossfit class, the lightbulb went off: we have a gym for our bodies, we need a gym for our minds!

I spent too much of my life frustrated, feeling like on a scale from 1-10, I was stuck at a 7 when I wanted to Live My 10. It was never about being perfect (that's not was 10 is), but it was about being my best. 

I woke up one day thinking 'huh, is this it? I just thought there would be more to life than this'.


Turns out, there definitely is.

Live Your 10,


"Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness." - Bronnie Ware

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