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Expert Talk

with Theresa Goss

Cory Chadwick creator of The Mental Gym: a place for Mental Fitness - Helping you Think, Feel, and Perform at your best so you can become who you want to be and live your best life.

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High Performance Legal Entrepreneur

with Adam Arkfeld

The High-Performance Legal Entrepreneur podcast helps attorneys wanting more out of their life and practice achieve bigger results. Each week we bring to you an elite performer, legal expert, or simply a strategy to help you see and follow the path to personal greatness in your firm and life.

Sweet But Fearless

with Mary Sullivan

Are you getting everything you can out of life? Cory Chadwick would challenge each of us to ask ourselves if we are truly Living Our 10, or like much of the world, are we settling for a 6 or 7? Listen in on a conversation with Mary and Cory speaking of a personal challenge that Cory gave himself after some really tough times in life. He had an epiphany and realized that while he was doing "well," he didn't want to settle. He founded the Mental Gym which helps to upgrade your mindset and build habits to consistently focus on certain must-have ingredients for Living Your 10. This is another thought-provoking and inspiring conversation, enjoy!

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Master Your Mindset

with Jer Fink

The Master Your Mindset podcast was created to help people learn about different ways they can grow as a person. By talking to people about life situations they have been through and how their mindset played a role. Our focus is to help others going through similar situations gain some perspective, insights and tools they can use to help get their mind into a positive place and work towards creating their ideal life.

Empowered In My Skin

with Nkechi Nwafor Robinson

This Podcast is all about helping humans thrive in their lives. It is our birthright to thrive. When we own our thrive, we are operating from a position of empowerment, and celebrating life in the present moment without fear. It is human nature to feel uncertain, but why does it have to take us away from our thrive, our creativity, and throw us off balance? If we can recognize that being empowered is us choosing to accept all that is, then we have the ability to step into clarity and live in the present moment. Our "now" is all that we have and where our infinite empowered energy resides.

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Lift U Up 
Listen  or  Watch

with Tamika Bickham

Without our health, we have nothing. Our mental, physical, and emotional well-being is a need for happy lives and prosperous businesses. Lift U Up is the podcast where we share inspiring health stories from business owners who are fulfilling their purpose to live their healthiest lives, and helping you do the same. Tamika Bickham is a former TV reporter turned marketing entrepreneur and content creator.

Become a Fearless Father 

with Klaas van Oosterhaut

Become a Fearless Father is all about helping Dadpreneurs being successful and making a huge impact in the world and especially in the lives of their children.

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Advice From Hanna 

with Hanna Salazar

The Advice From Hanna Show speaks about life, goals and aspirations of many guest including herself. Join us for for the fun as each week we dive into deeper topics to understand the human soul.

Live For Yourself Revolution 

with Dr. Benjamin Ritter

The LIVE for Yourself Revolution Podcast shares expert tips on self-leadership and highlights thought leaders and speakers from LIVE events, covering a range of topics; including dating, relationships, business, life coaching, leadership coaching, and personal development. Each of these areas plays a direct role in our levels of health, wealth, happiness and ultimately our sense of self. In each episode we attempt to uncover various ways and strategies you can live for yourself, and create greater levels of personal fulfillment and happiness.

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Heroic Humans

with Dana Clark

Join Heroic Humans founder/CEO Dana Clark in interviewing and connecting with people from across the globe. Her mission? To inspire, celebrate and empower Heroic members of our communities.