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Shift Your Thinking

 Live Your 10  

Your Best You. Your Best Life. Your Way.

You have a gym for your body. What about a gym for your mind?

Living Your 10 is about being the best version of yourself and living your best life.

​​The Mental Gym (TMG) helps you grow from here to there.

Let's face it, you're not here to live your 6 or 7...

We believe people, leaders and organizations have so much more potential.

Often, they simply need to know they can realize it, and be equipped with consistent support, community and the right internal Operating System (the tools + skills + mindset working together).

What is ​The Mental Gym?

TMG is like having a personal trainer with a group exercise class, but instead of working out your body, The Mental Gym is empowers your MIND, your WELL-BEING and your PERSONAL POTENTIAL.

We Don't Make You Sweat, We Make You Think!

​​​We're all about growth. We help good people live & lead better by using simple science & logic to shift thinking patterns and understand the Why and How of What we do.


It's You, Only Better

Together with your TMG trainer and a community of like-minded members, we help you upgrade your internal Operating System so you can move from a 6 or 7 and Live Your 10.

Hear From Our Members

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Upgrade How You Think

and How You Live

​TMG's LIVE online, trainer led, interactive classes combine consistent support & connection with a proven system that uses the science and principles of how people are built to be authentic, happy, healthy and perform at their best.

Upgrading Your

Operating System

Just like a computer or phone, your mind is like your internal Operating System. Upgrading this system means a better you at work, home and in life.

Without upgrades our devices won't work optimally. It's the same thing for people.

Our Members Are Saying:

"For me, it’s just not good enough to say, ’I’m at a 7’... Not only for myself but for my family, my children, I really want to push and leave that mark.
But it wasn’t until I joined The Mental Gym that I really started closing the gap between my 7 and my 10.
You've changed my life, and the lives of the people who look up to me."
- Jermane S.

Why Join TMG?


1 Hour, once a week

​​If you only worked out for 2 weeks then quit, what would you achieve?

TMG isn’t a quick-fix course or seminar, we're a place for consistent personal growth.

Living Your 10 is just like a strong and healthy body – getting real, lasting results means being consistent.

Together, we work on a new upgrade every week, helping you grow a little more every day.

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Crossfit Exercise

Support & Accountability

​Team members and your TMG trainer

​​It's no secret, keeping yourself consistently motivated and holding yourself accountable is a challenge.


It's hard training alone (and it's not much fun either). That's why we train together.


Your TMG trainer & community provide you with a weekly check-in, consistent motivation, guidance and accountability as you become your best, authentic self.

Real People

Real Connection

Real Talk

NO Judgment

​​TMG group classes are trainer led and discussion based. We aren't therapy or counseling, we're a place for like-minded people to connect, grow and become the best version of themselves without fear or judgment.

Check Us Out

Life is Not Easy

But it is easy to get lost in it

​​It's a strange time in our world and we're all dealing with a lot. We use smart training and support through real connection and basic human science to help you hit the reset button and show you a better way.


Like-minded people who 'get it'

​​​​You're not alone. Our inclusive community of like-minded members come from different walks of life, bringing their unique perspectives to every TMG class.


But we all have one thing in common: We're not here to live our 6s or 7s, we're here to Live Our 10s.

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Simple & Accessible

​TMG classes are LIVE ONLINE so you can join us from anywhere in the world, and you never have to leave your home or office.

It's one hour, once a week.

The Mental Gym could be exactly what you've been looking for.

​​​Join a community of like-minded people who 'get it'.

With consistent support, guidance and accountability from your trainer, and interactive group classes, we work together to help you Live Your 10.

And we do it LIVE online so you can join us from anywhere in the world, and all it takes is one hour, once a week.