Is private mentoring & training available for groups and teams?

Yes, definitely. We love working with teams, groups (such as student councils and clubs), and organizations. Contact us  today to arrange your Greatness Training!

How do I sponsor an individual, school, group, or team?

Whether you're looking to sponsor an individual, team, group (student councils, clubs) or organization,  just contact us, let us know who it is and why you want to sponsor them, and we’ll take it from there.


P.S. You're awesome for doing this!

What if I'm outside of Toronto?

No problem. All of our group and private mentoring takes place over video chat, so you can easily join from anywhere in the world! Do you want The Personal Greatness Project to come to your city for a live workshop or speaking engagement? Contact us to find out how. 

Why do I need this?

You don’t. In fact, we rarely work with people who “need’ what we do – we work with people who WANT what we do because they’re tired of feeling average and they're ready to realize their Personal Greatness too.

Think of it this way: you don’t need the newest (or a newer) smartphone. You’d be just fine using an old iPhone 1 instead of an iPhone 10. Sure, your phone would be slow, new apps wouldn’t work, and you’d miss out all the best advancements in technology, but you could still make a phone call and text your friends, right? So, you don’t need a new iPhone, but if someone was handing you both phones and you had to pick one to keep, which one do you think you’d choose? There’s no right or wrong answer – this is all about making choices and making the best choices for you. 

For group mentoring, how long is the program?

Our unique group mentoring has no start or end date. Participants are given the opportunity to be a part of the program for as long as they like. That said, to experience the real impact of what we do, we recommend giving yourself six months (or more), but no less than three.

What kind of results can I/we expect?

Personal Greatness is just that – personal. The specific results each of our participants experience are unique to them based on who they are, what they want to achieve, and where they’re headed next. How each person, team, or organization chooses to use their Optimal Operating System is up to them, but regardless, their results continue to inspire.

Check out some real-life Personal Greatness Stories for results and see what we're talking about!

Is this therapy?

Nope. In a nutshell, therapy helps struggling people become functional. We help functional people become good and help good people be great.

What makes you different from other "leadership programs"?

  • We don't just show our students how to lead, we help them discover who they're capable of being and step into their greatest selves

  • We don’t tell them how to think, who to be, or what to do – they decide that for themselves. We support them in coming to their own conclusions, and choosing their own paths. This isn't about trying to fit into someone else's box – it's about creating your own!

  • We talk with our students, not at them​


  • They learn real, essential, timeless & universal life skills, tools, and strategies to thrive in a quickly changing world – not just theory from a book

  • Guided practice and understanding. It’s not just a concept – it’s about really getting it and creating sustainable, impactful results

  • While we do follow a curriculum, it’s not a rigid one. We engage in inquiry, storytelling, discussion, and exercises using real-life examples. The program is unique each and every time, as Cory and his students co-create something great

  • The program builds on itself – the results are cumulative

  • This is everything we wished we learned in school but never did!

  • The 7 STEPS TO YOUR PERSONAL GREATNESS © equip students for continued success, now and in the future

  • Cory – his experience, story, hardships, successes, and results. His passion, patience, and approach-ability for empowering the next wave of leaders to start exactly where they are, and grow to create the world we want to live in

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