How do I know if The Mental Gym is for me?

If you think The Mental Gym is for you (even if you think it might be for you) it’s for you. And if you don’t think it’s for you, maybe it’s not. But if The Mental Gym is for you, it could really be for you – and if it is, it could change your life.


Can I check it out first?

Absolutely. Contact us to schedule a drop-in class for yourself, or a private Mental Gym session for your team or community – it’s on us!

I already read books, listen to podcasts, and watch Youtube videos – why do I need The Mental Gym?


Information and wisdom are obviously important, but it’s the consistent application of that information and wisdom – along with essential guidance, accountability, community and support – that creates the results you’re really looking for.


Think of it like losing weight, exercising, or excelling in business – if information was all we needed, we’d all be billionaires with 6-packs, right!?

What if I’m not the ‘group class’ type?


Fair question, but have you tried our group classes? Our advice: try it for yourself first, then decide. We're confident you'll see the many benefits of training with a community of good, like-minded people.


We also offer private training for individuals and team leaders – contact us to learn more.


Do I have to participate in class (or can I just listen)?


There's no 'have to' in The Mental Gym. Do whatever feels right. Some members actively participate more, some less. Some participate more in some classes and less in other ones. You’ll find what works for you.



What if I don’t want to talk about personal stuff?


This isn’t a therapy session. We’re not digging into your past or stirring up the intimate details of your life.

We take a lot of pride in having real conversations that matter, and we do use real-life examples. The more 'real' you're comfortable being, the more you and your fellow members benefit - but it’s entirely up to you to decide when you speak and when you don't.

What if I’m away or miss a class?


You can join class from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Whether you’re at home, on a business trip or on vacation, we’re always accessible.


But if you do miss a week, no problem – we post a class replay in our member’s community, so you can catch up whenever you want.


Can I join with my partner?

Definitely - and we highly recommend it. The Mental Gym is great for partners, parents, colleagues and teams of any kind (work or personal). You always have the option of being in the same class together or showing up separately, at different class times.



Some of our teammates can’t wait to join – but some aren’t as excited. What should we do?

​​Unlike some other approaches, we don’t believe in forced or mandated trainings – so, if you have a teammate(s) who doesn’t want to join, that’s ok – just don’t push them too hard.

The Mental Gym is for everybody, but we’re not for everybody. We believe in only training with people who want to train with us.

But, if your teammate doesn’t want to join because they think we’re just another leadership training, group therapy session or wellness lunch n learn (which is completely understandable), all we ask is they give The Mental Gym a shot and keep an open mind.


How long should I join for?


You wouldn’t lift weights for two days, quit and expect results, would you? This is no different.


Think of working out your mind and your potential just like physical exercise or eating well: when are you done exercising? When do you stop eating well?

At The Mental Gym, we’re not interested in quick fixes, we care about real-life, sustainable results – don’t you? That’s why we’re committed to consistent personal growth.

Join us for as long as you want. We don’t make you sign a contract, but if you’re ready to be a better you, we highly encourage making an initial commitment to yourself of 6 months, so you can experience the benefits of The Mental Gym and consistent personal growth for yourself.



What if I don’t like what we’re talking about (or it doesn’t apply to my situation)?

Every class in The Mental Gym offers something new, with each week building on the previous week. Some classes (or discussions within classes) will naturally speak to you more than others – or apply more directly to your current situation than others will.

As long as you keep showing up with an open mind and a great attitude, we're confident you'll gain something valuable from each and every class.

How am I supposed to work on myself if we’re talking about everyone else’s stuff?


Instead of thinking about this like a group therapy session (which it isn’t) think of it like a group exercise class. Our classes aren't designed with just one individual’s goals in mind, we make sure it’s a great workout for everyone!


If you’re looking for more personal attention, we offer private training for individuals and team leaders (contact us to learn more) but first, why not give our group classes a shot and see for yourself?


Try TMG for 90 days and see for yourself.

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