Does it feel like you're living your 6 or 7 instead of Living Your 10?

Being your best you isn't just a 'nice idea' - it's more than that, isn't it? Yes, life's busy and yes, we're dealing with a pandemic, but if you want more out of life - if you've got another level you want to get to - you can't just ignore that, can you?

Sure, living a 6 or 7 might be good enough for some people


And there's nothing wrong with that. But really, is it good enough for you?

How are you supposed to accept living a 6 or 7 when there's a version of yourself, the greatest version of yourself, you deep-down believe you could be?

Working from Home


Does it feel like something important is missing? Or just hasn't clicked?


It's like you sit there wondering why the dots haven't connected yet, and you're asking yourself:

Am I really as happy & fulfilled as I could be?

Am I feeling more anxiety & stress than I thought I would be?

Am I showing up at work, in my relationships and in life the way I feel I should be?



You've got more to give


To your family, your team, to yourself and to the world. You want to lead and bring out the best in others. You want to matter and live a meaningful life. You want to Live Your 10. And you're not alone.

BUT you don't know how to get from here to there?

Sure, you've seen flashes of you at your best (and it's awesome) but without the right tools, skills and mindset, how do consistently show up at your natural best?

Therapy isn't for everyone


And let's face it, all the books, podcasts and courses aren't getting you the sustainable, real-life results you're looking for?

Don't worry, it's not your fault and you're not alone!

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The Mental Gym was made for people like us

Good people who know we've got another level in us, but either haven't found the right answers or something just hasn't clicked... yet.

We're not looking to live somebody else's life or do it somebody else's way. We want to be our true, authentic selves, only better.

We know we could live our 6s and 7s and be just fine, but to us it's so simple: why live a 6 or 7 when I can Live My 10?



If you think TMG is for you, it's for you


And if you don't, maybe it's not. But if you do, and it is, The Mental Gym could be exactly what you've been waiting for.

Just ask our members


"I can say for certain this is undoubtedly the most important thing I have ever done in my life."

Cole - Mental Gym Member

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Is The Mental Gym for You?



We also include self-work each week, carefully designed to keep you growing and building momentum between classes.

Each class builds on the previous class

We work on a new fundamental every week, helping your people get a little better ever day. The more you upgrade in The Mental Gym, the more your results compound and the better they get.

Private Gym for teams


We also offer Private Mental Gym classes for teams and personal training for individuals.

How does it work?

Live online classes


For one hour, once a week, TMG members join a LIVE online group class, always led by your trainer.

You're never just a number. Discussion based classes (up to 12 people per class) let you ask questions, have the important conversations, and engage with the content, other members and with your trainer, personally.

Consistent personal growth

You wouldn’t exercise for two weeks, or once every six months, then stop and expect lasting results would you? A happy, high performing mind is no different. We don't make you choose between consistency OR intensity - TMG is about intensity AND consistency.

Why? Because we’re not interested in quick fixes or leaving you hanging – we’re all in this together for real, sustainable results.

Thinking about The Mental Gym for your organization?

Try TMG and see the change for yourself.


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