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Your TMG Membership Includes:



Awesome weekly group classes

(all LIVE & trainer led - over Zoom)

Together, we work on a new fundamental every week, helping you be a little better every day. Classes like:


What a pandemic does to our minds: Your personal operating system

Stop comparing: Social media and the game nobody wins


Future You: Becoming who you’re capable of being


The process: Make your decisions like a 10


Digital addiction: Taking back control of your time and your mind


You'll join an inspiring community of good, like-minded people who 'get it'!

Open Gym

In addition to our regular weekly classes, Open Gym is a relaxed, comfortable open discussion format where our members can challenge ideas, share unique perspectives and explore current and relevant topics such as:


In a time of social justice and change, how can we do and be better?

Debating nature vs. nurture


In relationships, in business, in society: what can you do about people who won’t change?


Keep learning, growing and building momentum between classes with mini personal projects that help you show up as your best you.

Personal & Group Challenges

Your Mental Gym membership also includes regular challenges to help you develop better habits and take great care of yourself! Challenges like:


Finding your optimal self-care routine


Beginning and/or improving your meditation practice


Morning routines: start your day off right!

Support & Accountability

Your TMG trainer & community provide you with consistent motivation, guidance, support and accountability as you become your best you.

And More!

Access to class replays

Member's only pricing for private (one-on-one) training

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Choose the TMG Membership that's right for you


 Live My 10: 365 

ANNUAL Membership

* SAVE 25%

$129 /month (+hst)

$1548 (+ hst) billed annually


 Live My 10 


TMG Membership

$174 /month (+hst)

billed monthly

 Live My 10 + 

Monthly Membership

+ One PRIVATE one-on-one training session per month

$424 /month (+hst)

billed monthly

For Private Gym for your Team or Company




​​Btw, we know it's tough out there and we're here to help. If you don't see a membership option that works for you, just contact us and we'll get you in the gym.




Try TMG for 90 days and see for yourself.

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1-833-MNTL GYM




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