"Thanks for what you did for these kids. What you do is great. One day, (my son) talked with me about life. I am surprised that his ideas are so great and mature. I asked who told you these, he told me Cory. This program provided guidance and growth. My son’s dream is to be in a leader in the future and this program will help him to realize his dream."


"The process you took them through, combined with the particular developmental phase that (my son - 16) is in​, has led to him being really thoughtful and reflective about the person he wants to be in the world and he’s actively working towards that. He chooses to be honest and takes responsibility for his actions even when he knows there will be consequences. He is more focused and driven than ever before and is clearly trying to align his actions with his values and vision for his life.

He is taking school quite seriously and after averaging 70% last year, he’s finishing this year as an honour roll student (which is a

great accomplishment for a kid with a learning disability and ADHD).

This is really just a reflection of a shift in his attitude towards learning and developing a sense of self discipline and focus. He doesn't like school but he understands that it's a means to certain outcomes and options and so he seems to have committed to those long-term gains. He is also a youth mentor for Big Brothers, Big Sisters and has really thrived in this role. He’s respectful and kind – his teachers and other adults in his life generally think very highly of him as well, which is a great sign. We're really proud of him!"



"It’s a new school approach to encouraging teenagers to come out, (be) more open and be themselves. (My daughter) has become more confident talking and relating with people. She became more outgoing and sees positively all things going on with her right now."


"I know (my son) was reluctant at first but he connected with the material, how you deliver it, and with his fellow students. Now he’s more self-aware – he’ll stop himself and realize what he's doing and being (something that was not so much the case before). He is finding ways to put his own solutions in place where he felt like he needed help before. He's also clearly defining what he truly wants and not just going for what he doesn't want.

The world will often give our children messages that they ‘can't’ and that they are ‘limited’, and any chance to have them hear another truth from a passionate world changer like Cory is priceless."


"I was surprised when my son presented an understanding of life challenges and explained to me how to overcome them. This program prepares teenagers to overcome their challenges in the right way." 


"Thank you for your dedication to teaching my daughter so many empowering life lessons that she will take with her all her life. Her mind is more open, and her heart grew more compassionate."

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