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Upgrading Your 

Operating System

We all have the ability to be our best selves and Live Our 10s - the challenge is getting there. But with the right Operating System upgrades in The Mental Gym, it happens.


Just like computers and phones, people have internal Operating Systems too!

​It's a combination of tools + skills + mindset working together: it dictates how we think, how we make choices & decisions, and how we behave.​

Our choices in life are a direct result of how we think

​​Which means everything from your happiness, health and performance, to the quality of your relationships, leadership ability and level of engagement – is impacted by your Operating System.

Quite simply, the better your Operating System is, the better results you experience at work, at home and in life.

Upgrade Your Operating System Mental Gym
Upgrade Your Operating System Mental Gym

Feel like you're at 6 or 7 instead of Living Your 10?

It's not your fault. But if you want to Live Your 10 as the best version of you, your Operating System may need an upgrade too.


"What’s so incredible to me is (The Mental Gym) re-wired me to want to make the right decisions for me. Tough choices became simple ones. Doing the ‘hard’ thing became easy. I’m consistently replacing my bad habits with good ones, and it’s easy to do because of my upgraded operating system."

- James M.

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Thinking of Upgrading Your Operating System?

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