The Core of Personal Greatness


In today’s quickly changing world, it’s never been more challenging or more confusing for teens and twenty-somethings to realize who they are and what they stand for. Decisions about their futures are constantly on their minds, while stress and anxiety are perpetuated by social media, constant comparison, and the pressure to succeed. Even though each and every one of our students has endless potential, it can be easy for them to get trapped in a cycle of mediocrity.


We’re here to change that.


The Core of Personal Greatness is the program the Personal Greatness Project is built on. It’s easily our most popular and impactful workshop for students and young adults (don’t take our word for it – check out the testimonials of past participants!). We encourage your students to realize their true potential as confident, resilient, and self-empowered leaders, make great decisions about their present and future, build incredible teams, and create happier, healthier, higher performing cultures. We make good people be great by empowering them to hold themselves to a higher standard and bridge the gap between who they are and who they could be.

As our students create their individualized Optimal Operating System (OOS), we combine essential wisdom and science with real-life application to teach some of the most important skills any person (young or old) can ever learn. This program helps every student to Live Their 10—their greatest life as their happiest, healthiest, and highest performing self: it creates exceptional results and truly is a must for every teen, young adult, and the people and organizations that support them.

Offered in 2 full school days, 4 half days, or once a week for 10 weeks (for Toronto locations only).

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"A parent of ours introduced us to The Personal Greatness Project. We ran it with our students toward the end of the year and the response was incredible; I wish we had done it earlier."


Laurie Foley - Principal, Blyth Academy Etobicoke

Interested in more?

Micro-Courses for Students 

(approximately three hours each)


The “Impossible” Game

One of the biggest challenges all of us face is feeling powerless when it comes to solving big problems, making tough decisions, or impacting our community, society, and the world. The "Impossible" Game teaches students how to make complicated decisions simple, goal setting manageable, and big goals achievable. We let students see that diversified thinking can solve even some ‘impossible’ problems.


This workshop challenges students to think bigger while making choices that matter, because even though choices may feel random and isolated, every decision they make is connected. The Impossible Game teaches students how to stack the deck to maximize their probability of success—because thinking big and thinking decisively are game-changing skills that make the difference between mediocre and exceptional.


Building Your Own Box

Empathy is an invaluable game changer: it’s key to great communication, conflict resolution, team building, and leadership. Using empathy helps students learn about what makes other people tick so they can better understand each other and themselves. It enhances critical thinking, develops perspective, and creates new possibilities. With empathy, you realize how easy it is to get stuck being who you’re “supposed to” be instead of discovering who you really are.

This micro-course focuses on developing empathy while exploring vulnerability, discussing common challenges, and letting students see that they’re not the only ones experiencing the ups and downs of real life. We help your students feel empowered and accepted, while teaching them that life isn’t about fitting into someone else’s box: it’s about creating your own.

Your Next, Great Steps

Connecting with your purpose has never been more important than it is right now. In a world that’s changing so quickly, knowing why you get out of bed in the morning could make the difference between living an inspired, impactful life and just going through the motions. In Your Next, Great Steps, students develop a greater understanding of who they’re capable of being, how to identify their natural (even less obvious) gifts, their core values, and what really matters to them. We help students develop a sense of direction in their lives, so they can believe in themselves, realize their true potential, and navigate a quickly-changing world with confidence.

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