Personal Greatness for Teachers

We love teachers. We know how under-appreciated and over-worked you are. We know how hard it is to have the impact you truly want to have. And we know that dealing with a new generation of students has more challenges than ever before.     

Our exclusive teacher-only workshops help teachers bring new skills and understanding to the classroom and their lives as a whole. Whether it’s helping your students realize their true potential as confident, resilient, self-empowered leaders, building incredible teams, or creating happier, healthier, higher performing classroom cultures, we help you define your leadership role and clarify your purpose to get the results you really want in the classroom. Great cultures start from the top, and the Personal Greatness Project helps you lead from a place of Personal Greatness with confidence and clarity.

This program is a must for all teachers who want to up their professional game and Live Their 10 both in and out of the classroom.

Offered in 2 full school days, 4 half days, or once a week for 10 weeks (for Toronto locations only).



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"The time we spent (with Cory) was absolutely worth the investment. Our team took risks in front of one another, we got to know each other in new ways, and we were challenged by Cory to ‘see’ aspects of ourselves... Cory is passionate, authentic, and generous with his time and energy. I’m glad that we took the plunge!"

Luke Coles - Principal, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park

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Micro-Courses for Teachers

(approximately three hours each)


The “Impossible” Game

One of the biggest challenges we face as teachers is feeling powerless when it comes to solving big problems or making a difference and impacting our students, community, and world they way we really want to. This workshop shows teachers how to make complicated decisions simple, goal setting manageable, and big goals achievable. Focused on diversified thinking, we show teachers that thinking differently can even solve ‘impossible’ problems both inside and out of the classroom.


We challenge teachers to think bigger while making choices that matter, because even though they may seem random, every decision is connected. The “Impossible” Game shows teachers how they can stack the deck to maximize the probability of success in their professional and personal lives—because thinking big and decisively are powerful skills that make the difference between being good and being great.



Bridging the Gap


Cultivating empathy is a game changer. It’s key to great communication, conflict resolution, team building, and leadership—qualities critical for a productive classroom and impactful relationships. In this workshop, we use empathy as a tool to learn what makes other people tick while helping you better understand yourself as well.

This micro-course focuses on developing empathy while exploring vulnerability, discussing common challenges, and letting teachers know that they’re not the only ones experiencing the ups and downs of life, in or out of the classroom. We help you feel empowered and accepted in your teaching and life, while showing you that life (and the classroom!) isn’t about fitting into someone else’s box: it’s about creating your own.

Your Greatest Steps Yet

We know you chose to be a teacher because of the passion you have for impacting the lives of others. Yet you may be feeling less than inspired or might just be going through the day-to-day motions, exhausted from years of (often thankless) work.

In this workshop, we help reconnect you to your passion for helping others and give you a reason to jump out of bed every morning. Your Greatest Steps Yet helps teachers develop a better understanding of who they’re capable of being, how to identify their natural (even less obvious) gifts, their core values, and what really matters to them. In a busy world full of choices, we help teachers develop a sense of direction in their teaching, allowing confidence to grow as they become their greatest selves. 



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