The Core of Team Greatness

This isn’t your standard team-building exercise. The Core of Team Greatness, exclusively for teams and coaches, creates a team that puts in the work and gets rewarded for it.


Beginning with the fundamentals of strong communication for a new generation of athlete, we work with your team so each and every person (including you!) can realize their true potential as confident, resilient, and self-empowered leaders. We spark creativity, understanding, leadership, and integrity between teammates and coaches, creating a happier, healthier, and higher performing team culture, individually and as a whole. Quite simply, our programs take a stand against mediocrity, helping your team manage the grind with confidence, and making you the leaders you and your team deserve. 


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"It’s not the old cliché of team building – this is real stuff – it’s real life stuff. Now when they look to the guy to the right and to the left they think, I will go into war with you. I’ll lay down right now and I’ll block that puck with my face."

Travis Rycroft - Head Coach 'AAA' Voyageurs

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Micro-Courses for Teams and Coaches

(approximately three hours each)


Small Decisions = Big Goals

One of the biggest challenges we all face is feeling powerless when it comes to solving big problems or impacting our players, teams, and community the way we really want to. Big Goals demonstrates how to make complicated decisions simple and big goals manageable to coaches and their teams. Focused on diversified thinking, we show players that thinking differently can even solve ‘impossible’ problems both in and out of the game. Big Goals shows coaches and their players how to stack the deck to maximize the probability of success in team members’ athletic and personal lives — because thinking big and decisively are game-changing skills that make the difference between being good and being great.


Locker Room Fundamentals

Cultivating empathy is a game changer. It’s key to great communication, conflict resolution, team building, and leadership — all qualities critical for understanding a new generation of athlete and creating a winning culture. In this workshop, we help your athletes develop empathy as a tool to learn what makes their teammates tick, helping them better understand each other and themselves.

This micro-course focuses on developing empathy while exploring vulnerability, discussing common challenges, and letting players know that they’re not the only ones experiencing the ups and downs of real life. We help your players feel empowered and accepted within their team while showing them that life (and the game!) is more fun when you become who you really are instead of who everyone else expects you to be.

Your Greatest Steps Yet

In a world that’s changing so quickly, knowing why you get out of bed in the morning makes the difference between living an inspired, impactful life and just going through the motions. Whether it’s your love of the sport, the relationships with your teammates, or the thrill of winning that gets you excited, this workshop helps each member of your team develop a greater understanding of who they’re capable of being, how to identify their natural (even less obvious) gifts, their core values, and what really matters to them. At a time where we all have so many choices to make, we help your players develop a sense of direction in their lives, allowing them to navigate a quickly changing world with confidence and helping your team perform at its very best.

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