"While I was growing up and making my way through high school, I couldn’t complain. I had a strong group of friends, good marks, and I was involved in a couple clubs I cared about. But something was missing. I knew I had this potential within me that was being held back and although I didn’t know what it looked like or what it meant for me, I knew it was there.

Looking back now I realize that I was filled with doubt.  I thought I was good at a couple things but great at nothing. I felt average compared to other people in my school who seemed to have it all figured out. I underestimated my ability to do great things because

of my age, people’s opinions, and the path society expects everyone to follow. I thought it was just something everyone goes through and that I’ll figure it out with time, but that all changed when I started the Personal Greatness Project.


I had no expectations, no understanding at all of what I could get out of it, or what it would even look like, but after hearing an explanation of who the program was made for, it was a no-brainer. I gave it a shot with a few friends and I can say now that it has undoubtedly changed my life. The discussions, workshops, and activities that Cory took us through altered my outlook on the world. The conversations we had were never forced, or specifically tailored to best benefit one person over the other. We were never told who to be, how to think, and never given a formula to follow. The lessons we took away were discovered solely by us and the impacts began almost immediately. I would find myself encountering situations in my life that directly related to a conversation we had, and once I knew who I wanted to become, the choices to get there were simple.


After the program, my friends and I took the most important goals in our lives and started making changes towards achieving them. Personally, I found myself worrying less over small things and felt myself living a life of action rather than reaction. Becoming better became easier and it still is a semester into my first year of university. Improved grades, better physical health, less stress than I ever remember, improved confidence, better mood and stronger relationships with partners, friends and family were some of the many results of this amazing program.


Cory never taught us specifically how to study, or how to start a workout schedule, he did something much more important. He empowered us to become who we wanted, without fear or limitation. Being a part of the program was a life-altering experience and I continue to be grateful for it. It’s kind of crazy to look back - if I had never taken part in the Personal Greatness Project, I’d be fine, but after seeing the changes it’s made and the things I’ve accomplished, and knowing I never have to settle for ‘fine’ again, it means more to me than I could’ve ever imagined.


I was struggling with things many people are going through today, especially related to self esteem and feeling average and although these are not completely gone, the PGP changed my outlook on these issues and inspired me to be the best version of myself, no matter what those around me are doing. I truly believe that what this program is doing is vital, and hope that you will consider giving it a shot. All the people I've met who took part in this program have changed their lives, and I encourage you to change yours."



As a guy who never really thought very highly of myself or that I had much, if any potential, I felt pretty skeptical about this program being able to help me. You always hear people tell you things about living to your potential and being a better you but it never really sets in, you never really take it too seriously - and in my case I thought I’d just feel silly about it. I thought ‘potential’, ‘personal greatness’, whatever.


"As a guy who never really thought very highly of myself or that I had much, if any potential, I felt pretty skeptical about this program being able to help me. You always hear people tell you things about living to your potential and being a better you but it never really sets in, you never really take it too seriously - and in my case I thought I’d just feel silly about it. I thought ‘potential’, ‘personal greatness’, whatever.

I wasn’t a great student. I got Cs and Ds but that’s not where I wanted to be. On top of that, right before The PGP I had just failed – I’d never failed a course before and that really impacted me. My view

of myself, my self esteem was already really low. Being able to succeed, to do something with my life, to be someone who makes a difference, I was like nah, that’s not you – you’re not special, you’re not good enough, you can’t achieve anything. I just didn’t believe in who I was.

I had no path, no plans for my future, other than to hopefully get through high school and find any job just to pay the bills. University didn’t seem like an option.

Before I started with The Personal Greatness Project I had no idea what to expect. I understood the program was about growing your potential and helping to realize a better you, but truth is I was really only doing it because a friend was doing it too.

It didn’t take long to realize this was something different. It wasn’t like school, not even close. At first I thought I might be wasting my time but quickly realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. Working with Cory was incredible.


He explained his reason for wanting to do this program and opened up about himself and his own struggles that he had to go through. I immediately felt comfortable sharing my barriers to my potential with him. This allowed for me to openly participate in the discussion and take so much from it.

​For the entirety of the program we worked on ways to get around my barriers as well as how to be a better me. Cory never talked down to me, never made me feel stupid, and never made it seem like I didn’t belong in the program. I realized how much this program had helped me – I saw the way I reacted to situations had changed for the better, my outlook on my future was so much brighter, and by learning how to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses, I stopped criticizing myself over things that didn’t matter in the long run.

I’ve become so much more comfortable with myself as a person – much more confident, less stressed, more willing to just be me. I’ve become more social, and just have a better self perception. Knowing my core values, who I am, and what I like.

With my new operating system, instead of self destructing, I went from being a C/D student who failed math to getting straight A’s. Instead of struggling through high school I got into 7 different universities and I’m so excited to be at U of T (The University of Toronto) right now . I’ve lost weight. I used to fight with my brother (a lot!) but after learning about the importance of empathy, I approach things differently – I learned to let it go and we don’t really fight anymore. I’ve got better at interacting with people and have better relationships with my friends, family, teachers – it just makes life so much easier.

I honestly couldn’t say where I’d be without The Personal Greatness Project. The trend was downward, and I was having trouble figuring things out. But you honestly really helped me figure a lot out then and how to continue figuring things out going forward. Now there’s so much more hope, so much possibility that comes from making my own way and following who I am and knowing how to apply that. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been – I just believe in who I am. I can’t even explain how much that means to me or what that feels like.

Whether you’re like me, struggling to figure things out, or you feel like you already have all the answers, understanding your true potential, who you want to be, why you want to be that person, and how to get there, will change your life. This program is unique, and it’s something very special. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made."



"When I first started being mentored by Cory, I was really confused about where I was in my life. Like many people my age, I had just spent 4+ years and 30 thousand dollars getting an undergraduate degree that left me feeling more confused and less prepared than ever to enter the real world.

I was really angry at the world for putting so much pressure on me to find a “passion” or a “purpose”. I felt like I would never be able to find a job that wouldn’t make my life miserable. My anxiety about all of it sort of spiraled out and seeped into all parts of my life, including my health and my social life.

Everyone else around me seemed to know what they were doing or where they were going and I just felt lost. Cory helped me look at my life in a holistic way. Work/career is only one part of life, yet I was letting that one thing effect how I felt about myself as a whole. This is one of the most important lessons that Cory taught me looking back. Just because you are struggling with one part of your life doesn’t mean that your whole life is in shambles. As soon as we took the pressure to figure everything out off of myself, I was finally able to enjoy the process of figuring out who I am and what I like.

It is impossible to be your best self or your most authentic self when you are filled with fear and negativity, and as soon as I understood that I felt a dramatic shift in my outlook. Another thing that Cory taught me that has stuck with me ever since is the difference between fear-based decisions and conscious-based decisions. When you are scared, pressured or in a negative headspace it’s really hard to make a clear conscious decision. Learning how to avoid fear-based decisions was crucial for me. Now my decisions are made with consciousness, confidence and positivity.

When I think back before I started working with Cory, I remember dreading the process of figuring myself out. Whenever I had to make decisions I would freeze and get really anxious. Whenever I would talk about my life to other people I would be negative and self-deprecating. But now, I have learned to appreciate all that I have accomplished and most of all, to enjoy the journey of self exploration. I was struggling with feeling sort of trapped and I wanted to do something for myself, find a job on my own, be independent, and make decisions for myself. And it's so cool to look back on that and to see that I am exactly where I want to be!

Life will always be uncertain, it’s how you deal with the uncertainties of life that matters. The things that I learned working with Cory were invaluable. I only wish that these lessons were available to me and my peers even earlier in life."



"Prior to The PGP and working with you I had been in a pretty difficult internal struggle about why I was good at/gifted with certain things. I felt kind of lost and I needed to figure out who I really was, so I could start tapping into that potential and be who, deep down, I always knew I could be.

I spent time asking people whom I respected to a very large degree (without ever fully knowing why I held them in such high regard) , what they thought I should do. It really became the focus of my attention on a regular basis, much of the time not even realizing that I was struggling so much with it. My mom had tried to guide me

in my efforts, but as teenagers often do, I didn't listen. She then offered to meet with you, at which point I was more or less ready to make a change in myself. Thankfully going forward with it and working along side you, I discovered that my entire struggle was for the most part (99%) against myself. Having figured out my core values made my life immeasurably easier to go through, helping me on the road to find my ever-changing purpose.


The major changes and discoveries only occurred due to being asked the correct questions – the kinds of things that not many people take the time to communicate well or even say at all. These lessons aren't something we are taught anywhere in school, in work, not even hardly in family, at least not in my experience. The major issue with that is, these are by far the most important things I have ever learned, but (until now) I clearly had no idea.


Having said that, the importance of this kind of training and mentorship is something that I can't understate. This kind of thing to me, is more important than anything I have ever been taught. Without learning these things I wouldn't understand why certain things, like music, were so important to me. It would just be important, but I didn’t know why – and knowing the reasons behind that is a massive step toward finding purpose and even making connections to other things that would be of interest to me moving forward. All of it comes in full circle to reinforce the finding purpose. 


I can say for certain that this is undoubtedly the most important thing I have ever done in my life. Sure I walked and talked, but with these new tools that you helped me discover, I can refine, rediscover, and create new discoveries about myself and help others along much in the same way. It has made me an overall better person and will continue to do so as this kind of thing can not reach a point of completion, which to me is one of the most exciting facets of the entire idea.


As far as anything else I have to say, the only thing would be thank you."



"Your program really helped me in the moment and continues to help me today. It touched my life at a time when things were still pretty difficult - I suffer from both physical and mental illnesses but through utilizing the skills you introduced, I feel as though my life has changed. I no longer focus too heavily on my issues and let them drag me down. Instead, I allow myself to stop and think for a bit about what I need to do in the moment and in life in order to feel better. And even now when things get tough, I find it easier to think about what’s most important to me and how to get there. 

Before I was always really down and unmotivated. I always pushed my goals and things I wanted to do until later. I always felt I would

have time to get to everything done once my mood improved. But The PGP made me realize that it’s never too late to get started, and if you’re sitting and moping and leaving it until later, you’re probably wasting time. That resonated with me and now I’ve taken all my future goals and brought them to the now. 


This training really allowed me to feel more confident about tackling goals and keeping a positive outlook on life. For teens, that is crucial because life is so very confusing at our age. Having something to guide me through difficult times has really helped.


Even recently I made a massive revelation which I owe to your guidance. For my whole life I was dead set on pursuing the sciences as a career, specifically zoology. I realized however, after taking a really difficult science course, that this type of work wouldn’t make me happy. So I changed gears, and thought, “What can I do that will make me feel great?” I realized it was art, which I had always pushed aside before, and now I’ve been working on my portfolio for various art universities! :) Thank you so much for all the wonderful words of wisdom you provided to me and my fellow peers. It really did improve my quality of life! 


The impact of this change of mindset has been incredible. Thank you so much again for all the wise words and encouragement! I feel so changed and guided and I know how to accomplish whatever I need. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s like you’re in the dark for your whole life when suddenly the fog lifts and everything is so clear about life. Honestly nothing really compares to what I’ve experienced at the Personal Greatness Project because nothing had ever touched me like this before."


"The Personal Greatness Project was an incredible workshop that not only made our team a stronger, more communicative unit, but allowed for each individual to recognize each other’s strengths, perspectives, and the abilities that they brought to our clients. We are now able to really understand our Ultimate X, and be able to provide the most advantageous, and unique student experience possible. I would HIGHLY recommend The Personal Greatness Project for any student leaders who are looking to live their ultimate life and unlock their personal greatness. This is a necessity for student councils at all levels."


"I was fortunate to experience The Personal Greatness Project and I must admit that it was a life-changing experience. I feel very lucky that I had a chance to attend your training and I'm truly grateful for your work.

I’m in a student leader and do my best to be proactive and take control over my life, however life gets so busy - we’re surrounded with so many distractions that we really need this reminder about who we are and what is important to us in life. The Personal Greatness Project made me think about my core values, and I’ve realized how important purpose is to me. I’m impressed with Cory’s attentiveness, listening skills, ability to gently direct the conversation, and help us find our own answers to the most important questions.

Cory did an outstanding job in creating an environment where everyone felt comfortable to learn, share, engage in the conversation and connect. This project is very interactive and very inspiring. I’m learning from him how profound it is to be honest in everything I do – it’s rare to meet someone brave enough to be so open. There is no way to fully describe how impressed and grateful I am for The Personal Greatness Project and I would love to experience (training) again. I feel that it’s changing my life."



Before this program, I wasn’t necessarily in a bad situation, but I was stressed about the future ahead – about career plans, about making the wrong decisions, and not being able to achieve my goals.

I was already happy with my grades, but I was way too stressed with school. I’d spend all my time studying and rarely got to see my friends. I used to be 100% of focused on the destination, but now I’ve learned to enjoy the process that leads to it as well. To just enjoy life more. Now, instead of worrying about small percentages, I’ve learned how to take a step back and enjoy learning.

I’m way less stressed, I’m spending more time with my friends, and my grades have actually gone up too! It’s like there’s a bigger pie. So, I’m performing better and it’s actually easier and more enjoyable than it was before. 

I feel rewired – my operating system was upgraded – and I developed an intuition for making good choices for me, that aligned with my goals and who I want to be. Instead of guessing it’s like there’s a guided cohesion – a path that you intuitively know you want to follow.

Throughout this program I learned what success means to me – it’s not just about a fancy career title or a big salary, it’s about understanding what’s fulfilling for me and finding my own definition of success. It helped me open my horizons, knowing there’s not just a single path to follow. It really gave me awareness, and it got easier as it went along.

Now I’m more confident in my decisions. For example, this program gave me the confidence to choose a (university) program I’m passionate about, rather than one that’s ‘safe’ and not as interesting to me. I understood that a ‘less-defined’ path isn’t necessarily a worse path, and as long as I develop the right skills and ability to problem solve, I can transition myself into so many aspects of life. I’m really excited to start my courses in the fall!

I’ve become more confident in myself and instead of worrying about what everyone around me is doing, I can focus on me. I no longer compare myself to everyone else, I just focus on surpassing myself. I’m seeing much more progress and it’s more fulfilling too.

There are things – important things – that we’ve all thought about before but never talk about, and getting to actually talk about those things makes a world of difference. This is completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. I’ve learned more in this program than in all my years in school, because in school you don’t learn much about how to unlock your potential, you just learn specific information or technical skills.

The extent of this program is enormous. The world is changing – it always will be. At this point in time, a program like this is exactly what we need. It’s not about specific knowledge for the world ahead, because that’s impossible to predict, but it teaches you how to accept that the change is happening and how to handle that change.

I admit I felt like it was a risk going into this, but as soon as we started I knew it was the right move. More than a year after the program I’m still noticing changes, and I still think about the things we talked about. It’s made significant changes in my life and I continue to see the changes it’s made in the lives of my friends. This program has helped me grow as a person immensely. It will change your life. I really can’t recommend it enough.”



“Before starting this program, I would always doubt myself, and never found myself happy. Since The Personal Greatness Project, I have experienced many changes to my life. This program has helped me in realizing my true potential and understanding that the only barrier in the way of achieving my goals is me.

My mindset has altered, which has allowed me to enter new experiences with a positive outlook. Furthermore, I have been able to connect with many new people, as well as enforce stronger bonds with current ones. I always strive to achieve what fulfills me, and while I have many more obstacles to work through, Cory has provided me with the proper tools to surpass them.

Cory creates a safe, comfortable environment for everyone in the program. Sharing my experiences and feelings was easy, as he never judged what I had to say. He took my statements with an open mind, and never shied away from offering his advice and support. Furthermore, being in a room with other students helped in creating an interactive environment where stronger bonds of friendship were created.

I will never be able to express the extent of my gratitude for how much you have changed my mindset and take on life. What you do is amazing. Thank you so much for this eye-opening experience."  


"Getting to be a part of The Personal Greatness Project was truly an amazing opportunity. I started looking at life in a whole different way. Getting to know other amazing young adults I met as I went, and getting to know that I am not alone out there, that many teens struggle when it comes to finding out what and who they want to be was so important - and it’s so important to have someone, just like Cory, help you not only figure out your goals but also to guide you throughout the way.

Even if you they have their life all planned out, I truly recommend that many people be mentored by Cory, as this will make your goals more achievable in many ways."



"I never really knew about this kind of stuff before. I got school work which I could be focusing on, games, friends. Teenage years are strange, it makes a big impact on what you will do or become in the future. Yet there isn’t really a map on what we should do. We all know to go to a good university, some us know to maintain to healthy mind, some of us know how to be a good person, some of us think that life is just supposed to be this way. I guess what I am trying to say is that things that we should all know or have, essential knowledge, isn’t there at the most important time of our life.


This kind of thing doesn’t just happen in school. I have a lot of thoughts, a lot of questions – and questions we don’t know that need to be asked - not questions that could be discussed casually during school lunch time or be answered by only one or two people. While at home, you are speaking with the people close to you - who made you think how you think now, and they may not offer any new perspectives. The PGP is about new perspectives. You meet new people who you might never talk to on a regular basis, and you see how much more there is. It helps by giving us a place of reflection, a place to question, to discuss, to think, and to be more prepared in life, and that could mean a big difference.


It was hard when I first came to Canada. We moved around a lot and it was hard connecting with people. I was insecure about a lot of things, like my accent, and it always bothered me when people mentioned it. I felt inferior to others and never had much opportunity to say how I feel. I think I was pressuring myself to do too much - like I have to do a lot of things in order to improve as a person, and only by achieving it am I doing good. I tried to eat everything at once, and it just doesn’t work.


But now I just think, be the someone I want to be and not what other people think I am. Do good things in life. As much as we control ourselves, there are also things in life we don’t control, and we need to learn to make the best out of it, instead of getting frustrated by it. The things we talked about (together) just come back to me – common things like our own strengths and weaknesses, or just thinking about things objectively. It may seem like common sense, but ironically it isn’t so common. I think better in the long term and understand or see conflicts and problems with a more open mind. Sometimes it will be ground breaking, sometimes I might not feel anything. But the most precious time is when it does make you look back, and admire, or examine who you are and the path you chose before."


Kai J

"I felt that I needed the Personal Greatness Project. I needed a reality check. I learned that I should be my best me. Being a teenager is hard, but with the great tips from Cory, I am able to get around the rough times. There are so many alternatives that without The PGP I wouldn’t have understood.

I wasn’t seeing my cup as half full but now I am. When I put my mind to something, I could do anything. It’s helped me a lot because of everything being so real and honest - Cory is open to listen to anyone’s ideas and give a different take.


It has helped me become the bigger person in different scenarios. I have gained more confidence since participating in The PGP. I learned that sometimes things won’t go your way, but everything is a choice. You make decisions for yourself and that is your choice.

The PGP is different than school. In school, we are seeing a completely different view of the world and doing things. Everything I’ve learned in the PGP was very real and well thought out. It really makes you think. I think that the PGP could benefit other schools for sure. I think that anyone really could benefit from this training.

I believe that there is a big need for this training, because a lot of the time we are putting ourselves down and that could be because maybe we aren’t confident, or even having a bad day. It is important for everyone to know their worth and know that they are great, and the Personal Greatness Project does just that— make people feel great."



"Other people tell us what to do – that’s not fair – but it’s how I’ve learned to think. I always used to compare myself to other people and doubt myself. But you incredibly changed my way of thinking!

Now I know we all have our own choice to make – what it means to live our own 10. Now, every day I allow myself to be who I am. My mindset is growing – I can feel myself more and I make better decisions and have better relationships. I know I can be successful being who I am, and if I can accept myself, other people will too.

Now I could let go of my past without the feeling of guilt. I am enjoying the joy of being here and now, and that’s the best feeling comparable on the one that I had before the training. There’s absolutely a need for this training because it helps to open your eyes to how we can actually live as our best selves.

I appreciate you for all the insights that you brought into our community and lives. I've been Living My 10 for two months already, and I am the happiest person on the Earth! :)  Thank you!!!"


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