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What people are saying about The Mental Gym

Mark Reisler headshot_edited.jpg

Mark Reisler
Senior Director of Product - Pivotree, Dad & Husband, Baseball Lover

The Mental Gym has changed my life. I was stuck just trying to figure it out. I didn’t know how to get what I wanted, or what part of me needed to change. 


Before joining The Gym, there was a version of myself I wanted to be, but I didn’t know how to get there. Life was good, but I felt like I hit a plateau.


Now I feel more energized, engaged, and productive. My performance at work has never been better.  


My relationships are deeper. I’m more present as a husband and father. My communication with loved ones (especially my wife and kids) has never been stronger, and it means the world to me. 


Even though I’ve got a lot on my plate, I feel less stressed. Instead I’m calm and focused, and in control of my emotions.


I’m more confident. I’m more comfortable leading and I’m taking risks I’ve always wanted to take. 


I’m taking better care of myself - mentally and physically - and it shows.


I’ve tried executive coaching and therapy before, but nothing has impacted my life like The Mental Gym (and at a fraction of the price too).


Working out my mind with like-minded people - amazing people I never would have met outside The Gym - is truly an incredible experience.


The Gym has changed my life. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.


Victoria Marten Evans
Senior Marketing Manager - Nestle, Wife & Mom, Runner

As an individual and a mom, I love that The Mental Gym gives me the opportunity to sit down, take time, and consistently work on myself and improve.

It’s about getting to a point in your life and not saying I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. It’s about saying I did. And having all the important parts of my life fulfilling me along the way.

I was already interested in self-improvement and bettering myself, but the problem was – all theory, no practice. What’s great about TMG is it gives me the opportunity to take all this theory I’ve been exposed to and put it into practical application, week after week with a group of like-minded people.

Knowing my 10 can exist for me, I can’t just say “no, it’s not for me”. It exists and I know that I can get there, and I love that I get to define it for myself. That gives me the confidence and energy to want to improve and be better.

I love the consistency and accountability of a weekly session. I constantly want to improve and The Mental Gym is the best way to make it happen every week. I really love it.

Admon test.jpeg

Admon Devi-Baller
Regenerative Farmer, Cocktail Wizard, D&D Enthusiast

Before I started in The Mental Gym I felt unfulfilled and was kind of coasting through life. I had just left a ‘good’ but unfulfilling job, and thought I would just end up in another one.


Until I joined The Gym I didn't know what choices I wanted to make and didn't know I had the agency to make them.  I wanted to be a better version of myself and live my best life; before joining The Gym, I didn’t know how to get there.


Since joining The Gym, I've really grown as a human being. I’ve seen huge improvements in my relationships, my habits, and self-confidence. I’m much more present too. 


I’m a more fulfilled member of society, and I’ve found a career that lights me up (that I never would have even considered before)! 


I feel like I am finally tapping in to who I want to be - who I was always meant to be - because The Mental Gym has shown me how to think, make decisions, and behave like the best version of myself. Cory has shown me a brand new tool-set I didn’t even know existed.


Something I noticed right away was how authentic and honest people are in The Gym. There’s no judgment - it’s so refreshing - and it’s such a great place to work on yourself.


The lessons are often mind-blasting in their simplicity and effectiveness - never pushy or preachy, just giving me choices and letting me choose the best ones for me. 


And in less than a year, my life has changed in an amazing way. 


Thanks for starting something so life (and hopefully world) changing!

James pic.jpeg

James McBean
COO - Northwest Protection Services, Food Lover, Raptors Fan

What’s so incredible to me is it’s like you re-wired me to want to make the right decisions for me. Tough choices became simple ones. Doing the ‘hard’ thing became easy. It’s like I’m consistently replacing my bad habits with good ones, and it’s easy to do.

I’m measured and deliberate in how I think, talk and act – I’m just more comfortable in my own skin and with myself as a leader, not just as a manager.

I used to get triggered, stressed, and overwhelmed – now I feel calm and in control.

Now I eat right, sleep better, and exercise regularly. I’ve already lost 30lbs – I’ve never felt better and I just keep going. I’ve quit smoking entirely, and I don’t even crave a cigarette!

​​I’m becoming the person that deep down I always believed I could be. It’s hard to explain how much that means to me.

You’re like a personal trainer for my brain. I didn’t think it was possible, this is amazing! This is life changing! And it’s all thanks to you.

Alaina Szlachta 1.jpg

Alaina Szhlachta
Founder - By Design Development Solutions, Entrepreneur, Athlete

I look forward to going to The Mental Gym every week. I love being part of a community of people who want more in life... more fulfilling relationships, greater success in their careers, a meaningful way to give back... and they are actively engaged in making these things happen.


I leave The Mental Gym energized from our weekly discussions and fired up to incorporate the personal growth challenges into my life.


I am an entrepreneur, athlete and serial over achiever. I am so grateful to have found my tribe of people who want great things in their lives, won't settle for less, and aren't afraid to think big.


The support of this community and the thought exercises that come from The Mental Gym are propelling me to live the life I've always wanted - one without limits on who I can be and what I can contribute to this world.


Jermane Skeet
Husband & Father, Mentor, Multiple Business Owner

The Mental Gym is the highlight of my week.

For me, it’s just not good enough to say, ’I’m at a 7’. I’ve accomplished a lot in life, I have solid relationships, good friends, and a lot of it’s good. But that’s the problem, it’s just good and I know there’s better. It’s realizing that potential, it’s being your best. 


The group environment and consistency are both very important. Every week is something new yet we build on lessons from the previous week. It's people being real and authentic; there is no judgement there.  

I never want to reach the end of my life and say I could’ve done more. I want to know I orchestrated my life the way I wanted to. Not only for myself but for my family, my children, I really want to push and leave that mark. But it wasn’t until I joined The Mental Gym that I really started closing the gap between my 7 and my 10.

You've changed my life, and the lives of the people who look up to me.

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